Little is 6!

When you are born the week before Christmas, and so was your sister, there’s a good chance your birthday party and birthday post might have to wait until January sometimes. This is one of those years.

 Dear Little,

Sometimes I need to be reminded what a little girl you still are. I mean, you are still tiny, though taller, but you act so much older than your age a lot that I forget you are still a little girl.

You are my most responsible child. Or, perhaps that’s not accurate. You are the one with the most initiative. If I say you can’t do something you want to do until you do something else, you actually get up and do the thing I told you to do, and you do it super fast. Your older siblings tend to just sit around all day wishing they didn’t have to do it, or they just decide they don’t want to do the thing they asked to do at first any more. They still have to do their chores eventually… your way is better.

But then you bought yourself a Merida doll two days ago, from the movie Brave, which you love, and have put her in PJ’s to take to bed with you, changed her clothes a hundred times, taken her in the bath with you, washed her hair, and sat her next to you to watch the movie she’s in. I remember that you have been five all this time, and just turned 6.

It’s easy to forget. You are the one who decides to make lunch and sits beside me when I prepare dinner and make the salads. You are the one who decides to do something kind for someone and makes their bed and cleans their room and spontaneously tidies the living room at bed time because you want to.

One of your salad creations.
You had been up half the night with croup, and you unloaded the dishwasher for your sister because she was tired.
You brought me breakfast in bed, and let Bam Bam “help”.
Washing dishes while camping.

We bake together and I just tell you what to do now. You can do all the work and the measuring.

You get yourself ready for ballet class hours in advance.

You adore babies, and you take such good care of Bam Bam.

Getting his Jammies on.

You are really a remarkably kind and thoughtful little girl. You bless all of us, all day long.

You are still a little girl however. You continue to be screechy, and vocal about your unhappiness if someone messes with your stuff. You are pretty picky about food, probably one of the reasons why you make it yourself. And you love to play.

You and your big sister are best friends. You two play together all day long.

You like to build forts, or “houses”, and invite me over for dinner.

This is what your pretend dinners are like.
Clothesline for the doll fort.
pony rides

You are really good at school, and you love it.
You still love dress up

Wearing dresses. I’m so glad you still like to wear dresses.
playing with baby dolls

I love the way you choose kindness so often, and how you show love through service. I know that the easiest way to make you feel loved on a hard day is to just do something for you. One small act of kindness and you feel treasured.

I’m proud of the way you try, and how well you control yourself, especially considering how very little you really are. Your daddy says, “All our kids are older than their age”, and it’s true. You all behave older than most kids your age, you especially. You are a little mother hen.

I love you, your creativity, your sense of order, the way you love. You are very special.

Five was a very good year for you. I’m excited about what 6 will bring.

I love you always.

Your Mama.

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  1. Such a sweet little girl. I loved getting to know her in this birthday post. Happy Birthday!!

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