PHFR – January is eventful already


Sun shower and rainbows.

Decorations for the girl’s Narnia party. It was a great party.


The Girl got her braces off this week. She’s so excited not to have to wear them when we’re in Thailand.

The Boy came home, and found it very, very cold. I’m not sure he’s happy. He really liked Thailand, but I’m really happy to have him home again.


This Girl, she cracks me up. This is her explaining compound words.

This boy, he still thinks that he can hide by shutting his eyes up tight and covering his ears. He was kind enough to open his eyes and become visible long enough for me to take this photo.


This hot chocolate is the consolation prize after spending hours in the Doctor’s office waiting for the first round of immunizations. Three out of four kids cried. The 4th winced and made the funniest faces and then all of a sudden said, “Oh, that was all?”

We have to go back next week, on 2 separate days, because our pediatrician’s office, in spite of the hundreds of children they see every day, refuses to see more that 2 children per family on a single day, which is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. As if I’m not going to have to bring all 4 with me each day anyway, and sit in that little room with them all waiting for the doctor to come in.

Also real? It’s just beginning to sink in that I have less than 8 weeks to pack up or dispose of everything I own and be ready to get on a plane. I’m so not ready.

round button chicken

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3 thoughts on “PHFR – January is eventful already

  1. I'm new to your blog, but I take it you've got a big move coming up – I'll remember your family in our prayers! I love the Narnia party!!

  2. Our son was cold when he got home too – he didn't need much air conditioning even though he returned to Baltimore in July! I hope packing goes well and maybe someone will slip the other two some shots on the first visit next week? How crazy!

  3. Wow, eight weeks?! That feels like it came up really quickly!
    Your ped's policy is super annoying – they won't make an exception for you? Can you play the Pregnant Mother Card, or are they immune?

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