When a mom gets up to get a drink of water…

…she may decide to go to the bathroom first.

Then she’ll notice that a child left wet clothes on the bathroom floor and go outside to call them in to pick them up.

That’s when she’ll see the 2 year old standing in the driveway with his swim suit laying nearby, pooping.

She’ll haul the 2 year old inside to clean him off and make sure he knows to come in and use the potty next time, and make another child clean up the poo with a shovel.

When she goes back outside to make sure the poo is cleaned up she’ll see the neighbor kids feeding the little dog chicken bones. She’ll stop to tell them not to feed the dog.

Which is when she’ll remember there is laundry still hanging that she needs to bring in. So she’ll fold it and put it in the basket and bring it inside.

Once back inside she’ll head to the kitchen, only to see that the counters are still a mess from lunch.

She’ll wipe the counters off and start thinking about what to make for dinner.

While in the fridge she’ll remember how terribly thirsty she is.

So she’ll go back to the bathroom for the water bottle she left there.

The clothes will still be on the floor.

So she’ll go to the door once again and this time remember to call the child who left them there to pick them up.

On the way back to the kitchen she’ll hear the baby cry and pick him up.

She’ll sit down with the baby to nurse him once more and try to drink out of the empty bottle she is holding.

She’ll call a child to come and fill her water bottle for her. (Which is what she should have done in the first place.)

She’ll drink about half of it before the 2 year old picks it up and drains the rest.

So she’ll be thirsty once the baby’s fed, and get up to get a drink of water…

all content © Carrien Blue

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