This is what we do with broken things

He couldn’t know that the glass he broke was something thrifted, or from the dollar store, I don’t remember which. And as a first time dinner guest at my in-laws house he was busy apologizing over the wine glass and offering to replace it, not really believing my mother in […]

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For When You Feel Powerless

A friend’s daughter spent the last several weeks in the hospital because she told her mom she was thinking about how to kill herself. She is a sweet, bright, beautiful girl and that she is able to believe that the world would be better without her in it just kills […]

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When Bach is a Battle Cry

She cradles the dark wood between her knees and bends low over the neck. The bow in her hand coaxes notes from the strings and the complex beauty of a Back concerto fills the air. The headline “Victim of Sex-trafficking plays Bach Concertos” invades my brain. Why does that have […]

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