Foot in mouth

Sometimes blogging can be embarrassing. I write stuff, I put it up there, and then I move on and forget about it. A year passes, maybe 2, and someone is reading through my archives and there it is.

Like this post here. A Tale of Two Childless People

You see, after I wrote that post we became friends with these people. We really like them. We had them over for dinner. They are expecting their first child now and she found this post, which was really unflattering to her, and apologized for being such a horrible neighbor, which was really gracious, because she wasn’t that bad.

After I went and read it again I apologized for the way I portrayed her in it before I got to know her.

So y’all. I just want you to know that the people in that post are actually very lovely people and I think they will make wonderful parents. I couldn’t be more excited for them.

Mmm these toes are tasty.

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3 thoughts on “Foot in mouth

  1. Mmmmmmm. Yup, I was the one who looked at the kids being "loud" in church and muttered something about parents who let their kids be so loud. Ouch. It's come back to haunt me terribly!

  2. You're a far better woman than I at every level of this. I just keep my name off my blog and don't give it out to more than 3 people I know in real life. That way I don't have to apologize. At least not much!

    Perhaps you've all grown up in the past two years? That is always my hope.

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